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MC0482B Bicit - Fitness Exercise Bike

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Bicit – Stylish Mini Bike with remote control (no apps)
1. Wide Speed Range: With 12 different speed selection can be adjusted freely in range of 1.0 ~ 3.2 km/h
2. Various Time Setting: 5 – 30 minute timer with different choices for time periods of exercises.
3. With 5 Auto Program setting for different user needs
4. Distance/ Calorie display: you can learn the workout of exercises done for reference of your training plan.
5. Auto-stop protection function: When the machine is forced to stop for over 6 seconds, then it will be shut down automatically to protect machine and user.
6. Automatic Passive Exercise: Bicit can help you to bring your muscles & joint for passive exercise. You don’t need to put effort on doing exercise. You just sit down and then Bicit will solve everything!
7. Bicit is perfectly suitable for elder people and rehabilitation of your muscles after hurt.
8. Stylish & Compact Design: which is suit all situation at home or office and also you can enjoy Bicit with both hands free for other activities/ work.
9. Extra-large LED display: can clearly display Speed/ Time/ Program/ Distance/ Workout and legible for elders or from your chair.
10. Smart phone as Remote Control: You can download the mobile app on your smart phone, in order to control Bicit through your smart phone and also monitor & record real-time progress of your training plan.
11. Voltage: 220V
12. Approval” CE, ROHS


PACKING: 1 pc in a carton box, 2 pcs per carton
Container Capacity: 20’ = 660 pcs, 40’ = 1,320pcs, 40’HQ = 1,620 pcs