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   Healthy growth of the cell, tightening and wrinkles removing with supplying electricity to cells.

   Replenish charges to cells with BIO biologic micro-current will regain electric field balance to revitalize the cells and make the skin be transparent, lustrous and elastic

   By adopting the repulsive force of like ions to import nutrition to the deep layer of skin and the skin presents a silky smooth feeling with moisturized, transparent and beauty trait

   Lifting and tightening the loose chin to regain youthful facial line. By adopting cross stimulation of positive & negative micro-current to restore skin elasticity and tightness while the beauty liquid imported by the ion importing will spread to deep layer skin to restore you a compact and fleshy skin

   5 mode with 10 intensity for selection

   The set including

1.           Firm Chin Plus device

2.           1 Pc electrode gel pad

3.           1 X USB charging cable

User manual