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MC0382 Ion Tooth White

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Ion Tooth White - Ultrasound of 2 million Hz per minute!

In the scraper that generates + ion ultrasonic vibration million times per minute friendly enamel layer of the teeth, strike up just brushing is difficult to fall, the stubborn stains such as dirt plaque stain Jani-, we remove clutter.
In addition, in the ion brush included ultrasound, to fine dirt that has adhered to the gums, between the teeth, powerful cleansing

  • Benefits of ion White Tooth
  1. It do not delete the enamel layer of the teeth.
  2. It is safe to tip round shape gum.
  3. It will remove the stain plaque-tar coating.
  4. Corresponding to every corner in the dirt between the teeth and the roughness of the surface of the tooth.
  5. Ion decomposition in the dirt, such as dyes that cause yellowing stains.
  6. Power by: 100-240v power adaptor
  7. Main device Length about 19cm