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MC0321B Thermo Seat – USB Heated Seat

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  • stay warm wherever you’re sitting
  • suitable for any outdoor seating accommodation
  • prevents urinary tract infections and colds from developing
  • replaces a soft seat cushion
  • Can use anytime with connecting to your own power bank
  • perfect heat distribution
  • heavy duty cover fabric
  • 3 different temperature levels: Low (34°C), Medium (39°C), High (44°C).
  • Thermo Seat are equipped with high-tech metallic heating wires, which are very flexible and durable. Their positioning is also favorable for heat evenly distributed.
  • The set including: 1 pc Thermo Seat (46 x 36cm approx.), 1 pcs USB cable connecting to power bank with output power 2.1V, 1 pc carrying bag, USER MANUAL